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The Background

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights which emerged out of the ashes of the Second World War memorably enshrined the fundamental human rights that must be protected globally.

The planetary crises of climate, biodiversity loss and the COVID19 pandemic show us the devastating costs of the way we have treated our common home, our planet. It is time to recognise that the right to a healthy natural environment is essential for the survival of humanity. Although 80% of the UN’s Member States (156 out of 193) already recognise the right to a healthy environment in constitutions, environmental laws or regional treaties, universal recognition of the right will strengthen implementation and increase enforcement of those laws and increase conservation and restoration generally

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The Vision

To see nature and its protection universally recognised by all as essential for the wellbeing and survival of humanity. For leaders and society to change the way we live so that everyone has the right to a healthy natural environment.

To raise the issue as an urgent topic in the global conversation and notably in the appropriate United Nations for a from the Human Rights Council, to the General Assembly and the UN Biodiversity Summit.


The Plan

To promote a global petition targeting the UN Secretary General, the UN Human Rights Council and the UN General Assembly calling for the universal recognition of this right.

This campaign, initiated by BirdLife International and supported by the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights & the Environment, the Global Pact on the Environment and Client Earth, as well as over 100 organizations around the globe, is designed to elevate the subject to the international agenda. The time is now. The stakes are existential. This must be the concern of citizens, environmental and human rights organizations, all civil society, governments and businesses if the urgent stakes are to be heeded. The campaign launched in mid-July and will accompany the UN policy process through the remainder of 2020 through to the 75th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 2023.

Become a Supporter


Become a Supporter

* The conditions: In endorsing this campaign, the Business or Association agrees to:

  • Sign the petition as an executive representative with the authority to sign on behalf of your Business or Association.
  • Commit to doing all it can to share the campaign with colleagues and motivate staff to sign as well as promote across their social media platforms and elsewhere as appropriate.
  • Being listed on the campaign website.
  • Provide contact details of a person within their communication team.
  • Be contacted by a campaign representative.
  • Provide a logo and a statement from the CEO or another spokesperson endorsing the campaign.
  • Promote the campaign using the range of campaign branded materials provided, within their networks.
  • Have read and understood the disclaimer.
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