Photo by: David Marcu
Let's make it a human right
to live on a healthy planet
Photo by: David Marcu

Campaign overview

For nature. For people. Let’s demand that the UN make it a universal human right to live on a healthy planet.

It’s no secret: our natural world is in terrible shape. Our unsustainable system is causing climate chaos and putting over one million species at risk of extinction.

How can something as fundamental as life on Earth be treated with such neglect? We need to completely change the way we treat our home. We, as do all other living beings, deserve the right to a healthy natural world.

We call on the UN to:

  • Pass resolutions to recognize the right to a healthy environment at the UN Human Rights Council and at the UN General Assembly, include the right as an urgent topic at the UN Summit on Biodiversity, and incorporate the right in the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • Ultimately include the right to a healthy environment in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Join us: sign the petition to make it a UN-recognised human right to live on a healthy planet. It may seem overwhelming, but it’s true: to emerge from these crises, to ensure our future and that of the planet, we need to entirely transform humanity’s relationship with nature. This human right helps make that happen.

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